Tall Tales Mysteries – First Class Murder!!!

I’m really, really, really excited. Tall Tales Mysteries has announced its second virtual murder mystery weekend, and I nabbed a first class ticket!

Really- I actually nabbed a first class ticket. For this event, a “first class ticket” is one with a mini character attached to it, meaning I get to play a mini role over the course of the weekend, just like I did with Des Gruntled during Sweet Murder. There were only six first class tickets available for this event, and I snagged the final one, less than 24 hours after the tickets went up for sale!

The name of the murder this time is “First Class Murder” – a murder mystery set aboard the Titanic. I’m thrilled, and I’m ready to up my acting game to fit into the story as seamlessly as possible. Also looking forward to shopping for an authentic outfit that fits whatever my character ends up being.

Also glad to announce that my friend Professor Guy Glum (mini character from Sweet Murder) has gotten one of the other first class tickets. I think he did a better job acting last time than I did, so I’ll have to bring my A game.

Ships have always fascinated me. Battleships, cruise liners, ferries, you name it. I’ve never participated in a murder mystery dinner aboard a cruise ship before (I’ve come close- but Carnival’s interactive Clue event didn’t quite scratch the itch), and I don’t think there’s a better way to start than with a Titanic adventure.

The event is in May, and I’m looking forward to reporting in with updates as I put together my 1912-appropriate costume! Also thinking it would be really neat to book a room on the SS City of Milwaukee, a 1930s-era ship current serving as a bed and breakfast about five hours from home. It even kind of looks like the Titanic! I just need to make sure they have wi fi!

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