Louisville, CO: Rabbit Hole Recreation Services – Mystic Temple

November 2, 2018- I get asked a lot what escape rooms I’ve done have been my best or my favorite, and I’ve always deflected those questions.  One of the reasons I can still enjoy escape rooms after solving 300+ is that each room is so different, and most aren’t even trying to do the same thing.  Sometimes it’s a cinematic experience meant for a small group.  Sometimes it’s a communications exercise for a large group.  It can be a linear brainteaser or a tangle of parallel tracks.  Different people will like different styles of rooms more than others, and unless I know someone very well, I’ll have a hard time making a great recommendation for them.  Consequently, I really don’t like calling out any individual room above the others I’ve done.  But Rabbit Hole Recreation Services is seriously making me consider breaking my own rule. Read More