Louisville, CO: Rabbit Hole Recreation Services – Paradox

May 11, 2019 – When it comes to escape rooms, I really dislike using the words “favorite” and “best.”  Trying to rate rooms against each other is harder than comparing apples and oranges (apples are objectively better, by the way).  But actions sometimes speak louder than words, and I will say this- Christina and I planned our trip to Denver around Rabbit Hole Recreation Services’ room #2, with literally nothing else planned on our trip.  That should say something about what we thought of the first room, Ruins of the Mystic Temple.

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Louisville, CO: Rabbit Hole Recreation Services – Mystic Temple

November 2, 2018- I get asked a lot what escape rooms I’ve done have been my best or my favorite, and I’ve always deflected those questions.  One of the reasons I can still enjoy escape rooms after solving 300+ is that each room is so different, and most aren’t even trying to do the same thing.  Sometimes it’s a cinematic experience meant for a small group.  Sometimes it’s a communications exercise for a large group.  It can be a linear brainteaser or a tangle of parallel tracks.  Different people will like different styles of rooms more than others, and unless I know someone very well, I’ll have a hard time making a great recommendation for them.  Consequently, I really don’t like calling out any individual room above the others I’ve done.  But Rabbit Hole Recreation Services is seriously making me consider breaking my own rule. Read More