Nine Hours, Zero Puzzles

I’ve committed a serious violation of my modus operandi today. Nine hours in the car, zero escape rooms, zero geocaches!

While I was driving, driving, and driving more, the Mild, Mild Midwest team was racing around southwestern Ohio finding clues to put together the final location of a $5000 treasure. Huge kudos to Auggie, John, Kelly, and Papa G for finding the treasure in the Ohio Treasure Haunt! I really wish I could have participated!

After an awesome trip out to Connecticut last weekend, stopping at Puzzle Room Pittsburgh, the USS New Jersey, and Escape.exe, Christina and I had an extremely quiet week. It’s not that there wasn’t plenty we wanted to do; I had circled a bunch of places to go and things to do on the east coast, but the timing just didn’t work out this time. We’ll have to catch it all on our next trip!

Sometimes pauses like this are good for creativity- I find a break in the action gets me even more invigorated to dive back in and to really spend some time thinking about the amazing puzzles I’ve seen and all the ones I haven’t seen yet. I’m eager to jump back in! But before then, five more hours of driving tomorrow- good thing we enjoy road trips!

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