Jigsaw – Night and Day

Finally had a chance to dive into the jigsaw puzzle I got from Buffalo after Balloon Dream was missing a piece.

Night and Day
Manufacturer: Buffalo
Pieces: 1000

Buffalo has a great missing piece policy- you either get a fresh copy of the puzzle with the missing piece, or you get to pick one puzzle from a broad selection of alternatives. I was actually happy when Buffalo didn’t have another copy of Balloon Dream since I had already completed it except for one piece.

Night and Day called to me because of how sortable it is. I love a puzzle where the pieces can be grouped easily. Half the puzzle is night and half is day, so already the pieces can be divided 500/500… Both sides have sky and land, which further subdivides it, and even after that I still had rock and water to work with.

Progress was rapid throughout, with no frustrating points anywhere. I would do this puzzle again- solving this one was very relaxing.

Piece total since 3/20/2020: 19487

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