Jigsaw- Indoors, Dreaming of Outdoors

I’ve got a lot of meaty updates to share- my first trip since lockdowns began, a few more trips scheduled in the upcoming months, and a few new types of online and home experiences I’ve played. But I want to give those stories the well thought out updates they deserve, which means today is just a jigsaw update.

I’d be really interested in seeing if there’s a renaissance in mystery / adventure puzzles. The Ravensburger escape room puzzles, retailing for $12-15 each, are sold out everywhere and going for ~$50 new online, and ~$30 used. Half of me wants to wait outside Woodfield Mall the minute it reopens this Saturday to snatch up any of the ones I don’t have.

Puzzles in general seem to be doing pretty well, with every Target / Walmart I’ve visited being sold out and the few bookstores and hobby shops that have reopened seem to have trouble keeping the shelves full. The question is, when people can start exploring outside of their homes again, will they keep the new hobbies developed during the lockdowns?

All musing aside, my update today is on a puzzle called “Up, Up, and Away” by Buffalo.

Up, Up, and Away
Manufacturer: Buffalo
Pieces: 1000

Christina and I really appreciate the colorful designs of Buffalo puzzles. It makes it possible to sort and develop a plan of attack. In this case, we started with the yellow sky, then built the ground, then the rest of the sky, and finally the hot air balloons one at a time.

Buffalo was kind enough to give each balloon a distinctive enough pattern that it was possible to tell immediately which piece went with each balloon, making this a relaxing puzzle to work with.

Piece total since 3/20/2020: 8527

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