I’m Thinking I’m Back

For a while before my wedding, nearly all my time was dedicated to getting the wedding arrangements in order. Christina and I still had some adventures, but time was minimal for doing pretty much anything else. It was a huge shift to spend more than a week “taking it easy.”

“Taking it easy” is in quotes because we still managed to do quite a bit. Here are a few of the puzzle-related highlights:

-The day before our wedding, Christina notched her 100th escape room – the “Crazy Ex” room at Break Escape in Arlington Heights, IL. The theme of the room is stopping an crazy ex from sabotaging your wedding!

-The night before the wedding, my groomsmen and I found a Geocache in the hotel parking lot. We intended to let our long streak die that day, but this cache allowed us to keep the streak going.

-The first day on the cruise, I won a Connect Four tournament to notch my fifth Carnival Cruise Line trophy (Casino, Valor, Liberty, Imagination, Glory).

-Got geocaches for the first time in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

-Explored Mayan ruins in Tulum.

-Played four escape rooms in Louisiana. Two at Clue Carre, two at 13th Gate. I had wonderful experiences with both venues and have some unique stories from both.

-Saw an original Enigma machine at the World War II museum.

I’m probably forgetting a few details already, so I’ll be writing down some of the stories over the next few days. The trip was incredible, and it’s the first time in a few years I’ve taken a full week off of work at once.

It’s great to be back with more time and energy than I’ve had in a long time. I’m ready to bring back the weekly puzzles or to develop something even more ambitious. And working together with Christina, I’m getting a lot of new ideas and inspirations to make something unique.

So yeah, I’m thinking I’m back.

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