Exploring CT: A Full Weekend

It’s usually a good sign when I’ve been too busy to write, that I’ve had a lot of adventures in a short period of time. But on the verge of a trip back from CT to IL, I want to tell the story of last week, albeit briefly, before I start focusing on this next chapter!

Last Saturday, 4/17, our big journey of the day was traveling up the coast to see the PEZ factory. I learned a lot about PEZ, including a few fun facts that come up time and time again at the facility (did you know, Santa Claus is the highest-selling dispenser of all time?).

It was really neat seeing how all the PEZ candies are made, as well as the really impressive history of the company, dating back to the 20s. Really interesting that PEZ candy existed for about 30 years before they started putting the candies into dispensers.

PEZ Factory

On Sunday, we took a bit of a longer journey north, still in CT, but in a bit more rural / mountainous area. We visited the Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington, CT, which had a great trifecta of museum + escape room + hiking trail. We did all three. It was really neat learning about the history of the people of the region, and the escape room integrated some of that history into the game, which was really neat. More on that later, when I write about that experience.

Museum exhibit, not the escape room

After our time at the Institute, we traveled just a bit further to dine at the GW Tavern in Washington, CT. The tavern dates from the mid 19th century, a bit after GW’s time, but still very unique with a lot of history. And the food was excellent!

GW Tavern

After our weekend, we had a bit of a quiet week from a puzzle perspective. We played the VR game “Escape the Lost Pyramid” at Trap’t in Stamford, and we found one Geocache in Cove Island Park, on the ocean.

And that brings us to today! We’re starting the day by heading to New York City, then heading west through Allentown to get to Harrisburg, PA. Tomorrow we plan to visit the Civil War museum there before heading onward to Canton, OH, to visit the NFL Hall of Fame museum before finishing our drive home.

Lots to do, and looking forward to peppering in a few escape rooms along the way!

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