Exciting Times

The next few weekends are going to be more than a little exciting. Eight escape rooms this Saturday, and a Titanic murder mystery weekend from Tall Tales Mysteries starting the following Friday!

The TransWorld escape room conference begins in St. Louis tomorrow, May 6. I wont be going to the conference, but I will be enjoying a bit of the festivities as I meet up with some others who are attending the conference to tackle eight escape rooms back to back to back.

I’m actually a little disappointed that I wont be attending the conference. I don’t have a specific reason for going, but it’s always nice to catch up on the latest buzz in such a creative industry. In another year, I’d probably work remotely out of a hotel in St. Louis and join the evening events, but I don’t want to make Christina spend all her vacation time on that this year, when we have a few other bigger trips on our radar.

I’ve played a good number of escape rooms in St. Louis, but there are quite a few more on my to-do list that I haven’t gotten to. This trip will allow me to tick off quite a few other check marks. And I always get a rush out of doing a few in a row.

Less than one week later, the second Tall Tales Mysteries virtual murder mystery weekend kicks off. I absolutely loved the previous one start to finish. The event included not only a several day murder mystery to solve, but also interviews with authors, demonstrations with forensic professionals, and a magic show. I wrote about the event previously at length, and even posted a video about it.

I’m also thrilled that I got a “first class ticket” to the Titanic murder mystery weekend, giving me the ability to play a mini role in the story. Last time around I was Des Gruntled, an unsuccessful private eye who had been hunting down one of the suspects in the murder. The first class tickets flew off the shelves and sold out within a day of becoming available, so I was really happy to snag one.

The picture I shared with this post is my costume thus far. I don’t know much about my character yet except that I’m a low-ranking officer aboard the Titanic, but that’s enough to get me started with a costume. From looking at photos from the Titanic (and also the film Titanic), I could probably use a few finishing touches, if I can find time. I’ll be on the lookout for a cap, gold buttons, and any White Star Line regalia I can find.

I’m not sure if I’ll have any luck, and I think the outfit will work as-is. Party City has a “skipper’s cap” that looks almost right, but with this outfit I’d much prefer a more subdued blue cap than the white/gold of the skipper’s. I also don’t want to wear a cap that would convey the wrong rank. Regarding buttons, there were plenty of options to get gold buttons for $10 shipped, but I don’t have a good plan to replace the existing buttons with those without damaging the coat. Regarding the regalia, it’s not a common thing to find, but maybe I can make something using my Cricut machine that would make clear from my outfit that I’m part of the crew, not a passenger.

So I’ve got a few very exciting weeks ahead that I’ll be reporting regularly on!

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