Puzzle #3

June 27, 2018 Brian Gondek 1

Puzzle #3 is back to the basics.  Once again I’m asking people to reevaluate how they look at numbers.  I provide a step in the right direction by writing out the numbers in English off the bat.  Looking forward to seeing who can solve this one!

Windsor, Ontario: Mind Over Matter Escape Room

June 23, 2018 Brian Gondek 0

January 19, 2018 (Flashback) – I’m excited to be writing about my trip to Windsor.  It’s not a part of my 50 state goal, but it was still easily worth the slight detour.  After a disappointing trip to Toronto in 2017, in which my dad and I struggled to find rooms that would allow a group of two to either book a room or join with others, we weren’t sure what to expect from Windsor, but my time at Mind Over Matter still stands as one of my favorite escape room experiences ever.

Puzzle #2

June 20, 2018 Brian Gondek 3

Puzzle #1 has been solved!  Though I created the puzzle from scratch, a quick web search revealed I wasn’t the first to make a riddle like this.  The solution will be added to the Puzzle #1 page. Time for a second puzzle. 

Green Bay, WI: Escape Room Wisconsin (Green Bay) – Boy and the Bean

June 16, 2018 Brian Gondek 3

June 15, 2018 – Still getting back into the swing of things after three weeks of heavy travel, I opted to stay a little closer to home this weekend… Within 250 miles, at least!  Crivitz, Wisconsin is a nice getaway destination, with Green Bay, an hour away, being the closest “big” city in the area.  On the way I stopped at Escape Room Wisconsin – Green Bay.

The Year Thus Far

June 15, 2018 Brian Gondek 0

I’ve got a lot of material to go back and sort through in 2018, and I’ll take it piece by piece.  I started with a few escape rooms in Illinois before going on the following trips.  Also note that I’ve gone to Wisconsin a few times, but I’m going to group those stories together in recap.

Puzzle #1

June 14, 2018 Brian Gondek 0

I also would like to use this blog to post puzzles for people to try.  All my puzzles will be originals, and I’m going to try to make ones that can’t be solved by entering them into Google.  I’m not pre-testing for fairness, so if you find yourself having trouble, it may be that I made the puzzle way too difficult.  Only way to know is to try!  

Starting Out

June 13, 2018 Brian Gondek 1

After getting more than halfway through my 2018 journey, I’m FINALLY putting some effort into documenting the journey.  Crossing my fingers that I have at least one photo from each state.