Morgantown, WV: Morgantown Escape Room – Excalibur

June 30, 2018 Brian Gondek 1

June 23, 2018 – If I’m ever asking myself if it’s worth it to travel ten hours from home for a one hour event, I can think back to my time at Morgantown Escape Room and answer with a definitive “YES!”  One of my favorite things about escape rooms is getting to see the designers’ unique and clever thought processes, and the Excalibur: Saving Camelot room and the folks at Morgantown Escape room truly delivered.

Windsor, Ontario: Mind Over Matter Escape Room

June 23, 2018 Brian Gondek 0

January 19, 2018 (Flashback) – I’m excited to be writing about my trip to Windsor.  It’s not a part of my 50 state goal, but it was still easily worth the slight detour.  After a disappointing trip to Toronto in 2017, in which my dad and I struggled to find rooms that would allow a group of two to either book a room or join with others, we weren’t sure what to expect from Windsor, but my time at Mind Over Matter still stands as one of my favorite escape room experiences ever.

Green Bay, WI: Escape Room Wisconsin (Green Bay) – Boy and the Bean

June 16, 2018 Brian Gondek 3

June 15, 2018 – Still getting back into the swing of things after three weeks of heavy travel, I opted to stay a little closer to home this weekend… Within 250 miles, at least!  Crivitz, Wisconsin is a nice getaway destination, with Green Bay, an hour away, being the closest “big” city in the area.  On the way I stopped at Escape Room Wisconsin – Green Bay.