Alaska: The Return

August 28, 2023 Brian Gondek 0

PuzzleDrifter started because of Alaska. At the time I created the site, I was already about two thirds of the way through my 50 state adventure. I sat in the library aboard the Celebrity Millennium to write my first few posts while cruising the Inside Passage, and I published them a few days later after getting back to a place with wifi.

ERChamp Vs. Red Bull

August 19, 2023 Brian Gondek 0

A recent article on Escape.Buzz compares the Red Bull Escape Room Championship to ERChamp. As someone who has been close to both, I feel the need to offer my own insights on the phenomena observed in the article- namely that ERChamp as a volunteer-driven activity continue to grow while the big budget Red Bull competition shut down after only 2-3 years.