Why 60 Minutes?

Something like 99% of the escape rooms I’ve visited have used the standard one hour limit.  It’s a nice round number, but does it really make the most sense?  Some venues push the limits by offering 90 minute experiences, while others pull back and try to contain everything within 45.  What difference does it really make? Read More

Tulsa, OK: Safehouse Tulsa – Crypt and Homicide

May 26, 2018 – No time for rest as I headed onward from Kansas City.  In a last minute judgment call, I decided to push forward to tick Oklahoma off my list of states.  My original plan was to dedicate a trip to flying into Dallas and driving from there to Oklahoma City (cheaper than flying directly to Oklahoma City).  But I had the time and relished the opportunity to get ahead of my planned pace for 2018. Read More

Puzzle #33- Bonus Round!

This week, I’m introducing bonus elements to puzzles!  Every once in a while, I’ll add a little bit extra to a riddle, either connecting the riddle to some kind of outside reference or extra layer of challenge.  It may be fair, it may be unfair- it’s a complete grab bag!  The bonus might literally be unsolvable without advanced knowledge of Morse Code and classical literature…  Or it may be kind of easy.  Either way, it doesn’t hurt to guess. Read More

January Project Update – Final Design

I’ve been somewhat quiet lately despite not traveling all that much in early 2019.  I’m still feeling good about the twelve projects in twelve months goal for this year, and I’m more than excited ever about my January project.  The final delivery might be a bit later than Jan 31, but I can kick off the February project while waiting for the finished items.

Christina and I have finalized our design for the January item, and while I want to keep it a little bit of a secret, I’m also eager to tell everyone.  The January product will be my new giveaway for the puzzle of the week, and racking up responses to the riddle will net you additional items.

The idea originally started as a challenge coin, but I think we’ve come up with something a lot cooler.  My dad also made a big contribution to the final design almost by accident by thinking aloud about what our item does.

I know it’s not that fun to hear about this in ambiguous terms and hints, so I’ll give one specific detail.  We’ve designed something that will make it to remember a specific experience you had… (specifically my puzzle of the week)